Tool: Docking
Created:Jun 04, 2016
Filesize:1.1 MB
Galaxy Tool Version:1.0.0
Tool Version:
Tool Standard Output:stdout
Tool Standard Error:stderr
Tool Exit Code:0
API ID:2fd193c1de2bf02a
Full Path:/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/008/dataset_8512.dat

Input Parameter Value Note for rerun
Receptor_file 3: 2vcs.pdb
Select Ligand input format pdb
Ligand_file 4: Optimize on data 2
Residue_name TRP
Chain_id A
Residue_number 41
Grid coordinate in the X dimension 60
Grid coordinate in the Y dimension 60
Grid coordinate in the Z dimension 60
Username Docking_Advanced

Inheritance Chain